Real-Time Applications

AMROEBA-EA: Computational Astrophysics Modeling Enabled by Dynamic Lightpath Switching


Joe Mambretti, International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR), Northwestern University (NU), USA, j-mambretti @

iCAIR, NU, USA: Joe Mambretti, Fei Yeh, Jim Chen, Rachel Gold
Advanced Internet Research Group, University of Amsterdam, NL: Cees de Laat, Paola Grosso, Bas van Oudenaarde, Freek Dijkstra, Hans Blom

Enzo is a grid-based adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) simulation code for cosmological structure formations, provided by the UCSD Laboratory for Computational Astrophysics at the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences. The AMROEBA-EA (Adaptive Mesh Refinement Optical Enzo Backplane Architecture Enabled Application) project investigates the potential for conducting data-intensive Enzo simulations on a distributed infrastructure based on dynamic lightpath provisioning. This project is investigating new mechanisms that allow Enzo processes to understand changing requirements for resources under dynamic conditions, to discover those resources, even if remote, and to optimize their use.