Media Registration

A limited number of media representatives will be invited to attend the iGrid 2005 workshop and project demonstrations. Media representatives must qualify for press credentials through the iGrid 2005 Media Desk, which will have sole responsibility for issuing media badges, based on availability and media organization. Those requesting media registration must be currently employed by a publication or news organization. Note: Account representatives, sales executives, book authors, engineers, university publications officers, industry analysts and freelancers who write occasionally but are employed with non-news organizations do NOT meet the criteria for media registration.

Complete all sections of the Web-based Media Registration Qualification Request Form below prior to Friday, 26 August 2005. Your application will be transmitted directly to the iGrid 2005 Media Desk for review, and you will hear from us shortly at the preferred email address on your application. Provided you qualify, you will receive further workshop registration instructions. You must have a photo ID to pick up your media badge in person at the Media Registration desk at the conference venue on the first floor of the Calit2 Building at UCSD, La Jolla, CA.

Approved media will be entitled to attend all lectures, seminars, news conferences, technical programs and project demonstrations at iGrid 2005. Media registration does NOT cover any of the three receptions planned during iGrid 2005, though you may elect to attend and pay for receptions at the time of formal workshop registration.

Media Registration Qualification Request Form
Please complete all sections of this form. (All registration lines marked with an * MUST be filled in.)

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Advanced multi-gigabyte and terabyte data and visualization
Advanced Grid computing
User-controlled multi-gigabit networking
International scientific collaboration
Global Lambda Integrated Facility